Contract Sales Organisation - Pharmaceutical Healthcare CSO Solutions
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About Alveo Solutions Ltd - Contract Sales Solutions for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry


Alveo Solutions are the first boutique* contract sales organisation who offer high quality service to clients looking for a more individualised and responsive solution. We provide versatile opti-channel marketing solutions and are focused on building a sustainable channel to engage with healthcare professionals.


*Psst! When we say boutique, we don’t want you to think we are too exclusive… we just want to give you the opportunity to receive the service and attention you need (and deserve).

Introducing the

Opti-Channel Matrix®

We are dynamic in our approach and have created the Alveo Solutions Opti-channel Matrix®, which enables us to consider both our client and customer needs. We can engage with customers remotely or face-to-face, and the Opti-channel Matrix® allows us to be channel neutral – we adapt to the environment.

ALVEO - Contract Sales Organisation for Healthcare Professionals

Our mission is simple:

to make healthcare professionals like our industry again.


We are the first contract sales organisation who is committed to building a sustainable channel between the pharmaceutical industry and the NHS, focusing on high quality customer interactions to create trusting and longstanding relationships.


As a business, the training and development of our team is one of our highest priorities to achieve our mission and ensure all of our calls truly add value to the NHS. You can contribute to the development of this new standard for healthcare interactions – unite with us and be inspired.


For more information about Alveo Solutions, or to arrange a call back…