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Alveo Solutions – A new breed of CSO


Our mission is simple: To make healthcare professionals like our industry again.


Many of our clients recognise the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the NHS continues to decline. This is mainly because companies relentlessly drive to meet high call rate targets at the expense of focusing on calls which genuinely add value. In a highly pressured environment, customers no longer wish to open their doors to people they perceive to be wasting their time.


Alveo Solutions have a mission to do things differently. We promise only to see our customers if we have something of value to share, and to always do so at a time and in a format that suits them. To this end, we only partner with companies we believe truly offer value to the NHS.


Our ultimate aim is to regain the trust of the prescriber, rebuilding a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry.

About Alveo Solutions Ltd
Alveo Solutions Ltd - Contract Sales Organisation for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

Our Values:



We offer an adaptable approach depending on your individual requirements and customer needs



We build long-term relationships with our customers by engaging with them respectfully whilst providing value



We are positively persistent with our purpose to build a sustainable channel with our customers to enable us to maintain valuable access



We have the knowledge and experience because we’ve been in your shoes



We have a team that can deliver with proven results

The Management Team


Andy Davis


As Company Chairman, Andy oversees all strategic decisions made on behalf of the company. Andy has over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and continues to deliver successful change in organisations looking to improve the way they engage with the NHS.


Peter Hyde

Managing Director

Managing Director Pete is responsible for the general management of Alveo Solutions but he devotes considerable time helping clients perfect their proposition and designing the optimum solution for their specific needs. Pete’s broad experience has been gained from 25 years working with a wide range of pharmaceutical products in different stages of their lifecycle.


Olivia Nixon

Operations Director

Operations Director Olivia leads on all operational aspects of the business, including responsibility for communication with clients, and management of the sales teams. Olivia has 15 years’ experience in blue chip pharmaceutical companies, and has significant expertise of the virtual KAM environment having worked with, and led, remote sales teams for the last 5 years.

The central operations team

We outsource our central operational functions to The Mayfair Bio-Hub, who have delegated authority to act on our behalf for the provision of the following services:

• Legal

• Contracting

• Compliance

• Corporate governance

• Finance

• Branding & communications

• Human resources

Jan Rutter

Chief Operating Officer

Claire Broughton

Legal Counsel

Seth Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Verity Giles

Director of Communications

Diane Smith

Operations Manager

Charlie Elston

Company Personal Assistant
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