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Opti-Channel Matrix®


Generally used to aid and complement our telesales team – our systems are built to easily accommodate any remote detail or screen sharing needs our client has.


We have a team of in-field dedicated or syndicated KAMs who are all highly experienced and passionate about the Alveo mission – to make healthcare professionals like our industry again!


Our intelligent telesales team can quickly and efficiently deliver any message our clients need to communicate to any section of the healthcare economy. We do this in a respectful and engaging manner, with the customer relationship at the core of everything we do.


The best of both worlds! Our Virtual KAMs combine the speed and efficiency of our telesales team with the key account management skills needed to deliver high value and engaging face-to-face calls. All face-to-face activity for Virtual KAMs is appointment based at the request of the customer only. Again, the customer relationship is paramount.

Solutions for better Healthcare Interactions


As a healthcare contract sales organisation, Alveo develop and deliver new and compelling conversations, in clinical and commercial settings, providing our customers with a valuable and integrated opti-channel experience. We are sophisticated in our approach, so whatever your need we will work in partnership with you to devise a solution.

About Alveo Solutions Ltd - CSO for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

Our Assurances


Call quality

• We source the best team to deliver high quality interactions

• Industry leading KAM coaching and telephone coaching

• Highly experienced management



• The most compliant solution available – client data protected through sophisticated IT solutions and CRM for both call centre and remote workers

• All telemarketing policies and practices are adhered to, offering total protection for the client



• Hybrid options of call centre, Virtual KAMs or Field KAMs

• Driven by the Alveo Solutions Opti-channel Matrix®

What is Opti-channel?

The promise of a new way of thinking!

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